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What is Spiritual detachment? you ask

It is the releasing of your spirit or energy from your mind, body, aura or soul by deliberate intention.

Why do spirits detach themselves

There are 3 main reasons:

Physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse
Addictions of all types
Asking a spirit to sustain your life in a way that you cannot do it  
yourself the spirit then becomes so overwhelmed it detaches.

I offer assistance in helping your spirit reattach it self back to you where it should be 

Also Assistance in Entity detaching 

Entity detaching can  happen when When a person has sustained physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse a person asks for help or is open to assistance from negative and dark spirits or entities because they appear to be stronger or more aggressive than the person who is perpetuating the abuse. A person uses the spirit or entity to defend them since there does not seem to be anyone else to help them. The spirit or entity does help them in these situations but unfortunately when the help is no longer needed the person does not realize that they need to release the spirit or entity and help it return to the light for its own healing. When the spirit or entity is no longer needed then it attracts negative people or situations so that it can feed off the negative energy created by these people and situations. This is why people think that they are always a victim and that they are not entitled to positive relationships and success in their lives.

When a person has an addiction that is very resistant to recovery, there is either an unrelated spirit that has attached itself to the person, or the person has had this addiction in another life, or it is the spirit of an ancestor that has crossed over that had the addiction. Spirits that had a similar addiction when they passed over but did not want to face the fact that their life has ended because they enjoyed their addiction and do not want to give it up. After crossing over they look around for someone who has their addiction that they can attach themselves to so they can continue to experience the addiction through that person. Unfortunately, the spirit makes the person very irrational, stubborn and resistant to change and the spirit can also change a person?s personality and ways of behaving in that they can become very aggressive and abusive when confronted with their addiction.

Co-Dependency - the Spirit Held for Ransom
There are many cases where it is not "where" or "when" parts of your spirit may reside, but in "who". Such parts (either given up, projected or stolen) may be found lodged within another entity... held ransom to their slightest whim or fancy (see exorcisms). Your energies, even segments of your consciousness may then be incorporated into that being... only to be used and abused (this may be similar to what psychologists today describe as "co-dependency").

Spirit Retrieval is NOT a Simple Process
There is a lot more involved in Spirit Retrieval work besides retrieving the spirit back from where it has wandered.

 The Journey to Retrieve Your Spirit
Spirit journeys into the infinity of the space time continuum... into the hidden, dark, shadowy nether regions of the "Underworld"... into the timeless and remote dimensions of the "Dream Time"... collecting and returning to you those lost, split off, discarded, sold, abandoned, neglected, forgotten bits and pieces of your self... your light, your wisdom, your knowledge, your power.... Etheric DNA restoration and rewiring occurs during this time, as your spirit parts are reintegrated back into the matrix of its original pattern.

During a Spiritual Retrieval, Spirit travels to where those bits and pieces of your Soul are lodged (be it in an entity, time or space), and proceeds to free them up so they may be returned and reintegrated into your one being.