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What to Expect at a Reading

The two of you are alone. Your are seated comfortably and asked not to pre-discuss your questions or concerns. Rather, she will tell you  what her feelings are about you and why you have come to her.
That will allow you to realize that She is not reading in to anything that you are telling her.
At this point the reading has begun.
Next, she will discuss your  concerns with you. Many times during this process you will see she  has come up with answers and coping methods you may never have thought of.
And she will be able to guide to to the right path to clearing whatever obstacles are blocking you 


Card Reading          $50.

Although not the full deck of the Tarot the cards are using just the minor arcana 

this reading gives you advise about yourself as well as people surrounding you 

sees also past,present & Future events  

Tarot Card Reading  $60.

The Tarot is a wonderful reading that gives you all that the card reading offers with more detail  as well as insight on all questions surrounding you such as Love,Business,Health issues,family Issues ect.

Crystal Energy Reading      $70

The Crystal reading is a reading that enables the spiritualist to  see things clearly crystal clear

it looks into areas of your life that need true direction and guidance the crystals are used as a tool to see what is limiting you from achieving you desires  


Spiritual Reading        $80.

The spiritual reading is a reading that looks into your spiritual realm it allows me to read your face, hands and spiritual energy I am also able to see your chakras and your aura .With this reading all things may be seen it is clearly one of the best experiences you can have in a reading you will leave enlightened and well informed about what is happening and what is to come  

Aromatherapy chakra 

balancing                  $275. per session

A great way to balance or re-size your enlarged or shrunken chakra's. The chakra balancing session range from 25 to  45 min. depending on the amount of mediation needed to balance you.This session is a unique combination of aromatherapy,meditation and spiritual healing in a way that is designed just for you.Every client has there own special combination designed just for will see  that after this session you will clearly feel re-energized ,relaxed and focused.  

Past life regression             $250.

Look into your past life through this reading with this reading your spiritualist can see what you were who you were and how that has effected your present life.

There are times we feel that something is missing we have certain fears we cannot overcome this may be due to issues that you have experienced through your past life and by finding out what has happened you can work on repairing your current situation 

Past Life cleansing  3 weeks $750

Clearing your Past life can help

 you reprogram your brain chemistry to have happiness in the present 

Remove subconscious memories to block you from your true destiny 

helps free your self from old self destructing habits that black you from your higher self

change your destiny 

clear your path from bad karma  

Chromtherpy sessions 30 mins $75 1 hr $150

Spiritual Attachment sessions also Available

please call for details  (954)465-9562 Or Email at either or

Available for parties and social events

All sessions private and confidential

Unauthorized audio or video recording is prohibited

there are no refunds on services provided 


 Gladly Accepted here