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Aqua Aura Geodes


These beautiful aqua aura geodes come in an assortment of colors which may include: pink, white and purple turquise . The geodes measure from approximately 2.75" to 3.5".

Aqua Aura can be used to soothe anger and stress. It is useful at relieving fevers and heat from the body with a cooling energy. Aqua Aura is connected to the element of water.


Aqua Aura is a very high energy stone when used in body grids or in healing work like Reiki. Aqua aura can allow someone to heal deep emotional stresses and past worries all while allowing the person to remain calm and collected on the outside.


Aqua Aura is a protective stone against outside forces that are parasitic or malevolent. Therefore it stops energy drainage in the aura or spiritual vampire-ism. Aqua aura allows one to feel confident in the material world and helps one to embrace it with courage.

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