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Raw Celestite Geode Rough Uncut


Celestite Crystals aid you to contact your guardian angels. These crystals are a soft blue color and have a high vibration, that is excellent to use in meditation. Their energy is both calming and uplifting, and will aid contact with angels, and help to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts.


The soft blue color of these stones is delightful... and they are beautiful both physically and spiritually. Their lovely energy is immediately apparent when you pick one up. Most of the pieces on the market are Celestite clusters... with less single pieces being available.

The stone is so beautiful to look at and its energy is sweet and harmonious... yet it packs a spiritual punch... which is something of a surprise. This mineral allows you access to the higher transpersonal chakras... and via the crown chakra you open the soul star chakra.


The eighth chakra is the source of Divine wisdom... and utilizing this area can aid you in the journey towards ascension and supreme enlightenment. At the same time it will open the third eye... and this may stimulate psychic clairvoyant visionary abilities... while helping you to discover your spirit guide, contact your guardian angel, and helping to develop the gift of prophecy.


This is a stone for spiritual advancement... and very much a part of your personal journey. This is about making contact with the angels... and in particular with the angel who is your guardian throughout life

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