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Spiritual Kabbalah cleansing Candles


 the #1 burning candle in today's marketplace. Each candle uses ancient aromatic formulas to connect with specific spiritual frequencies. The fragrances, are based upon the 72 Names of God. Each time that a person meditates on of the 72 Names of God, you open the power of that message. Kabbalah candles are inspired by spiritual wisdom. They have a very unique quality these luxury candles are symbolize life and energy. They have the power to ward off the evil eye. these candles blend with Red Jasmine, Apple, Mahogany with Patchouli and Heart of Patchouli. The Name stokes the fires of passion in your heart and in your soul. These candles give you the power to maintain sincerity, devotion, and correct consciousless in your prayers, your meditation, and your spiritual connections.They are also specially prepared by me and prayed upon to enhance there abilities in your work 

they come in sets of three candles

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