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Hello Please feel free to make your request here and have us  Pray for you and with.

No prayer or request will be judged what-so-ever and remeber this is a 
non-demonination request page so whatever your religion or belief you
 can make your request here 

remove bad energy

over a year ago by Melissa N. Pray for me
need positive energy as people seem to be problems/ barriers. Blessings, Melissa R.

Removal of negative forces

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
I request prayer to have negative forces that surround me be removed and blocked and only good and positive energies surround me. Prayer for me to find peace, happiness, fulfillment and prosperity in my life... Thank you

Peace and Understanding

over a year ago by Ashley Pray for me
My significant other just passed away in a tragic fatal car accident on March 6, 2013 at 7:48 pm. He left behind myself and our three little girls. I am a stay at home mom caring for our daughters. So far I have been unsuccessful at finding employment. This is a very trying time for myself, his daughter's and his family. We need peace in our lives. Not only are we struggling with losing our loved one, but are also overwhelmed with bills. My self personally, I'm struggling with the reality of him being gone. It's real, but it's not real. I want so badly to know that his spirit is still with me. That's the reason I stumbled across this site. I am desperately looking for a way that someone can communicate with him and give me some closure being that there are so many unanswered questions. Right now we're just in need of peace and understanding in our lives. Prayers would be greatly appreciated...