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Posted by Spiritulist on January 10, 2011 at 6:49 PM

I am writing this entry today to share my experience with my daughter was always a great student in public school and I never had a issue in the past however this year started off very bad in her school her teacher was very harsh and cold and wouldn't help her in the areas that she was struggling and would only get angry with her and tell her she was taking too long   and my daughter was sobbing everyday uncontrollably in the classroom I spoke with the teacher the assistant principal and nothing so one day I said that is enough I was going to take the chance and homeschool I will admit I was a bit frightened which I am not a person that is easily intimidated however in this case I was I mean it is my daughter's education but I didn't want her emotionally distraught everyday either I searched the internet for a web based site to help us and I found and I am happy to say that my daughter and I love it 

it shows fun ways for the children to learn in a way that they enjoy she doesn't sob and is doing great in those areas that she was struggling in before I would recommended to anyone who is looking for either a core homeschool curriculum or a supplement to help there child in specific areas so far I am happy to say I am very very satisfied with them and my daughter loves it and runs to the PC herself to getting her lessons started for the day without me even asking lol

here is a link for the site enjoy

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Reply Keri
6:01 PM on January 16, 2011 
Isn't it sad that someone who is supposed to be there to inspire our childrens interest in learning can make a devasting impact in thier education :(
I myself was your daughter at one time, I too had that teacher that didn't have the time for me and actually would yell among my classmates how she just exsplaind a "lesson" and would make me look/feel like a idiot in front of my peers. After that I quit caring about my education and I dropped out of school because of that Teacher.
Thankfully I relised the inportantce of education and at 17 obtained my GED, but my exsperiance in the public school system was for ever damaged.
So because of this I have always known my children would be home-schooled. We have been using for the past 4 years and honestly I am in a way glad for my less then ideal exsperinance, The truth is if I hadn't suffered then my eyes would not be as opened to how wonderful home-schooling can be for a child.
To me home-schooling allows your child to blossom in a way that they just can't in a public school system.
Reading your post just made em feel like I had to share my story too.
((hugs)) :)
Reply smithkline
7:09 AM on February 23, 2011 is providing good education methods for the children. They are providing a sort of play way means for imparting the education to the children. They are telling us various sectors where we have to focus for the children education.Thanks for this article, as it helps me for the
Home Schooling of my children.
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