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Princess Diana at 50

Posted by Spiritulist on July 2, 2011 at 1:18 AM

As I go through the checkout line I see the cover of time magazine and it shows the late pPrincess Diana and what she might have looked like at the age of 50 the portrayal of her was just as she was and will always be remembered with grace elegance and kindness in her heart and in her eyes.

As I looked at this photo I started to think about her children she left behind and how proud she would have been of how nicely her sons turned out to be and what a perfect mate the young Prince William found for himself I know she would have been very happy with Kate as I see the her energy is filled with that of positive qualities her intentions are to good and make changes as Prince Williams mother did before her. I remember when I was younger and I watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana Wed and now I recently got up at 5 am to watch Prince William and Kate's nuptials because I wanted to see what energy I got from the two of them and I know they will do good together and I know that the late Princess helped in placing Kate in her sons path to insure his happiness and I know she is trying to do the same for young Prince Harry I just hope he listens.

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