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Posted by Spiritulist on August 8, 2010 at 1:30 PM

I am sitting here this Sunday Afternoon thinking( I usually have a few minutes to do this on Sunday, Sundays are one of my busiest days) Thinking about friends I feel that very few people know how to be real friends anymore I can take the easy way out and blame it on social networking sites but I too use these sites and I know how to be a friend to someone (maybe Keen,california psychics,Ask now and hollywood should make a social networking site for us psychic lol)what happened to the days when a person needed someone and a shoulder to cry on and their friend was there for them now everyone is too busy doing this and that and cannot make time for anyone but themselves it is a shame, friendship is a wonderful thing people take that for granted for all of you that have friends and know how to be a friend( I know there are still a few out there I am one lol )good for you embrace it don't let that quality go you will need it later on in life when your retired and have nothing to be busy with lol 


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